Stormwater Inspections – BMP – Dam – Filterra – BioRetention

Inspections are mandatory in most localities every 6 months to 3 years depending on the type of storm-water impoundment you have.  In most counties an inspection must be performed by a Professional Engineer and we do offer to send our engineers out to inspect your facility at a minimum cost to you the owner.  We then notify you of what we found out in the field usually followed up by pictures of the facility and then send in our findings to the proper authorities along with sending you, the owner the original which is usually then filled out by you, the owner in terms of what the actual maintenance costs were and date of completion and then the original mailed into the locality.

We have inspected BMPs, Filterras, BioRetention Facilities, and other types of Stormwater treatment facilities.  If you received a request for an inspection from the county or state we are the people to contact to get an inspection done in a detailed, timely, and affordable fashion.


BMP Inspection