Staples Mill Road Baptist Church Expansion

Staples Mill Road Baptist Church Expansion included adding over 16,000 square feet of building and adding to the existing parking lot in Henrico County, Virginia.  This set of plans included a phased Erosion Control plan, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan(SWPPP), Layout and Utility Plan and calculations, Storwmater plans and calculations, and a turn lane in the VDOT Right of Way.  These plans were completed in a timely fashion and managed to save the client on several large ticket items.

This set of plans had to go through for Planning Commission Approval which involved a public comment period and public meeting.  There were no real problems along the way on this project which went very smoothly.

Hunton Fields Subdivision

Hunton Fields Subdivision was surveyed and designed by Jordan Consulting Engineers P.C.  This project consists of two public cul-de-sacs.  These homes started in the $430,000 price range.  The design included erosion control, stormwater design including the new Virginia Stormwater Regulations, water, sanitary sewer, road design, and bringing in offsite water and sanitary sewer.  This project is located in Henrico County, Virginia off of Mill Road.  The property was built on an existing farm field where water and sewer was not available in the area.