Hunton Fields Subdivision

Hunton Fields Subdivision was surveyed and designed by Jordan Consulting Engineers P.C.  This project consists of two public cul-de-sacs.  These homes started in the $430,000 price range.  The design included erosion control, stormwater design including the new Virginia Stormwater Regulations, water, sanitary sewer, road design, and bringing in offsite water and sanitary sewer.  This project is located in Henrico County, Virginia off of Mill Road.  The property was built on an existing farm field where water and sewer was not available in the area.

Emerson Mill Subdivision

Emerson Mill Subdivision is a fifty lot neighborhood located along the Chickahominy River in Henrico County, Virginia.  This neighborhood was surveyed and designed by Jordan Consulting Engineers from purchase to rezoning to final construction stakeout.  This project fell under the new Virginia Stormwater Regulations and Jordan Engineers brought in off-site Water and Sanitary Sewer to the site to serve the large 1 acre+ lots.  Environmental, Stormwater, Utilities, Road Design, Parcel Layout, Flood Plain, Erosion Control, and Conservation Areas and Easements are just a few of the items designed by Jordan Consulting Engineers P.C.

This project is located off of Greenwood Road just before crossing the Chickahominy River.  This project consists of fifty lots with four public roads and one private road.  Access to the project is off of Greenwood Road.  These homes will most likely be luxury homes and some even have the Chickahominy River in their back yard.

Stanford Mill

Stanford Mill Subdivision is a twelve lot subdivision located in Henrico, Virginia.  This project was surveyed and designed by Jordan Consulting Engineers P.C.  The client consulted with our professional engineers during negotiations with acquiring the property and all the way through the finished constructed subdivision.  This was one of the first projects in Henrico County to go through the new Stormwater Regulations.  This area used to be exclusively well and septic but Jordan Engineers designed off-site water and sanitary sewer to bring into this project and three others for the same client.  The homes in this subdivision are estimated to start in the low $400,000 price range.  This project is located at the corner of Belfast Road and Hainseland Drive and Jordan Consulting Engineers designed Stanford Mill Road to provide access to the neighborhood.